Goiter Symptoms - Non-Toxic

by Crystal

I went into the Dr. for a rash and he tells me my neck usually isn't this big...well there has been too much going on I haven't been paying attention...so he tells me I have a goiter.

GREAT news - so blood work 50 questions and a scan and then yes its big and then a call back telling me everything seems normal that it's not cancer and we will just watch it....well this isn't normal to me. It's very uncomfortable and I don't want to watch it. I want it to go away!

Someone PLEASE tell me I can change my diet and make this GO away....thank you so much



Did you read the "About Me" page on this site and my story?

It has taken me almost a year to have my goiter go away. I have supplemented, has done continuous detoxing and taken Iodoral faithfully all this time.

FINALLY, my goiter has disappeared!

Read everything you can find. Read everything on this site. Get on the Iodine Yahoo Chat site.

This is fixable. Hang in there. Let me know how you do.

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