Ferritin - Iodine Connection

I ask this because I have higher than average Ferritin.

I want to know if taking Iodine will increase my Iron? Often shellfish etc. have high Iodine and Iron.

Is there a connection?


The only connection I can find in my reference material points out that the majority of individuals who are hypothyroid are usually low in Ferritin. They must supplement with elemental iron to bring their levels up.

Sorry, I can't find any other connection with iodine and Ferritin.

I hope this answers your question.

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Impact of hemachromatosis
by: Dennis Hinrichsen

I reviewed an article that proposed a minimum of 70 ng/dL ferritin for proper endocrine function. My fear 10 drop into the teens after having 34+ pints of blood remove an 16 months.

If you're ferritin is above the normal limit, I highly recommend a full iron panel to see how you were metabolizing iron.

I was condemned by a PCP at the VA for allegedly consuming excess of amount of seaweed. She refused reports of my low blood pressure. She refused to prescribe five right mads despite her diagnosis of Hashimoto's. I doubt if the VA will test my iodine level, as there is an intent to cause iodine deficiency.

My adrenals and thyroid are shot but not dead. I have problems converting Synthroid. I read that supplementing with high doses of iodine will provoke renewed function in the adrenals. Can anyone provide a source for this research?

Iron Warning
by: Maria

l was told to take iron by a natropath many years ago. It was a misdiagnosed live blood analysis...Years later with hands that have bad swellings of the joints (which can happen from iron overload) and other health problems associated with excess iron I find I have iron excess problems.

PLEASE if you eat iron containing foods DON'T take iron supplements without first checking your iron status via blood tests from your doctor.

Iron that does not end up saturated and runs around as ferritin can eventually get so high that other health conditions are caused. Thus the importance of full iron tests before iron is taken. Also being hypothyroid I did not need iron.

Back to your topic, I was on lugol's iodine high dose ( 50mg a day) for several months and did not have to have a veinosection done for at least 18 months. So for me it helps my with my high ferritin levels.

Must say thanks for this site, have only just found it and am looking forward to reading more.

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