Detox Cleanse

by Judy

Hi, I'm curious.

I just found this page and wonder if I can soak in the Adya Clarity in the bathtub to speed up the cleanse.

I saw on another site, you can do a Super Shot by taking more Adya Clarity at one time to really get a full body detox quicker. Do you recommend that?


Judy, you certainly can soak in the Adya Clarity. I suggest you add one ounce to your bath water and soak for a minimum of ten minutes. You can also do a foot soak after a hard day.

You need to be cautious with the Super Shots if you are sensitive. This forumla is quick acting.

You can add 1 teaspoon of Adya Clarity to 3 ounces of purified water. Drink on an empty stomach. Follow this with a chaser of two glasses of more purified water. Be prepared for a very strong taste.

You will get quick results and may experience strong detoxification symptoms if your body is really toxic.

The good news is that these symptoms pass quickly. And, you are closer to helping your body heal.

I hope this helps.

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Feb 09, 2012
My Experience with Adya Clarity
by: Timothy Reeves

Apparently my body was starved for the trace minerals found in Adya Clarity.

Within the very first day of taking Adya Clarity, my body`s response was so profound I considered it a life changing event.

My energy was up I would say 20-30%. My mental clarity improved within hours of taking this product, and I now consider it the best supplement I have ever used.

I`m 54 years of age and use a number of very good supplements to enhance my health and for detoxification. Adya Clarity has had the most dramatic and profound benefit to my health of any ONE supplement that I ever taken.

I wholeheartedly believe in this product and I recommend it.



Timothy, thanks so much for your personal testimonial.

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