Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder

by Diane
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

I have a similar history and believe I may have an underlying issue with my thyroid from an autoimmune disorder.

I have done much research also and have researched foods that may lower you thyroid levels. There may be a correlation between allergies with soy and peanuts because these are considered goitrogens.

Also I have found that because many foods are now low in sodium they have eliminated supplementation of iodine.

I think that even though many of the legumes may be a source of iodine you should avoid them until soy is eliminated as additives in our food products such as infant formulas, pediasure, proten bars and protein shakes, Ensure, and Boost.


Thank you for sharing, Diane.

We have spoken offline.

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autoimmune thyroid disorder
by: Diane Allen

correction \
Even though legumes are a source of protein



Thanks for the correction.

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