Armour Thyroid and Liquid Zeolite - My Journey to Wellness.

by Tricia Stokes

Tricia Stokes Zeolite Review

Tricia Stokes Zeolite Review

How many of you have a story like mine?

Many, many people I would think. Tired, achey, put on weight easily,chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia,insomnia, irritable bowel,depressed...

Sounds like a mess really!! Well, I was, and yet I forced my self to function as a wife, a mum of 5 kids, a busy Bowen Therapist with my own successful clinic.

I would hate to add up what I spent on doctor, specialists, Naturopths, and supplements over 20 years.

Yes, some helped for a while, but nothing could prepare me for the discovery I made that turned my life from toxic to vital in a few months.

It wasn't until I stumbled on the remedy that I understood the cause!!

As a therapist, passionate about supporting the body to heal itself, I always look for the underlying cause or imbalance.

Mid 2007 my naturopath prescribed Armour Thyroid as no matter what else we did, we couldn't get my thyroid levels balanced. Yes, Armour Thyroid made a huge difference.

4 months later, through sheer coincidence, I had a spare bottle of Naural Zeolite, and decided to use it though I knew very little about it or what to expect. My initial research had found a patent filed for a synthetic zeolite product which in-vitro killed epithelial cancer cells within 72 hours.

The first night I took 15 drops in a large glass of water and slept a full 8 hours without waking.. First time in 20 years. What is this stuff!!

I contacted the TCM practitioner whom I had bought the zeolite through and she said have you ever had a Heavy Metal Test done? Well I had my amalgams taken out 5 years ago, did a detox with herbs etc and thought that was all there was to removing heavy metals. How wrong I was !

I continued taking the Zeolite for 4 months at a high dose and every one of my previous symptoms disapeared. I was able to wean off my Armour thyroid and my levels have been great ever since (Almost 5 years!)

I purchased a Ionic Heavy metal test kit and imagine my surprise to see I was excreting huge amounts of Cadmium. This is how I know the zeolite works. After 4 months the test was showing clear.

I now see all thyroid conditions as a deficiency/toxicity issue. The tThyroid is referred to in traditional medicine as the 'shield' gland. Basically it will mop up a lot of heavy metals and toxins, and of course if you are deficient in iodine, the halides ...Bromide, Fluride and Chloride will take up residence in the iodine receptors.

Breast tissue is another area of the body that concentrates significant amounts of iodine, so we must ask what happens if we have bromine, chlorine and fluoride collect in the iodine receptors there? Hmm… something to think about?

I will continue to take a maintainance dose of zeolite and Nascents Iodine forever because thyroid conditions are a legacy of our toxic world. The way I see it with world events, we can't depend on governments to fix it. We just need to be proactive and guardians of our own health and well being.

So, my thoughts on restoring optimal thyroid function are that you need to feed the thyroid gland, but you also need to quickly and safely remove the heavy metals and toxins as this give optimal results.

I hope my experience may give hope to others who have been tagged with all these disease name labels, that are really symptoms of 2 things ...deficiency and toxicity.

Kindest regards and best wishes to all on this site.

Tricia Stokes.
Bowen Therapy Clinic West Wyalong


Wow, Tricia. Thanks for your information. I've been telling everyone I know that we need to detoxify our bodies so we can function normally again.

In case you haven't seen this page on the site, take a look at Mercury Detox which lists other natural alternatives for detoxification.

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Armour and Zeolite powder
by: brittany

Thank you for this post on thyroid function and zeolites.

I recently have switched over to Armour and am trying to heal my thyroid naturally. I am still learning and trying to piece together adding chlorella/spirulina and zeolites into my diet to help increase function.

Hope you are doing well.

Hope you are doing well also. Thank you for responding.


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