Allergic to Iodine - Toxic or Hyper?

by Grazia

Dear Jill,

In the Iodine Overdose, you write that "Tincture of Iodine may cause rash, blistering or crusting on the skin."

I wonder why in some people it does cause rash and in others it doesn't. Could the rash be simply an allergic reaction, or does it indicate the person's body is toxic with other halogens?

A friend of mine put a drop of Lugol's 2% on her arm to test if she was deficient, and it stayed there for more than 4 days. We thought something was wrong. So she waited a couple of months and then repeated the test on her leg. Lugol's burnt her skin and the color is still there after 7 days, with the burnt site still aching.

Could this mean she is allergic and/or toxic or "super" hyperthyroid? There was no burning the 1st time she tried it on her arm, though.

I know Lugol's is not the same as Tincture of Iodine; but this is even more bewildering, as Lugol's is much milder I think.

We are confused. Hope you have an answer.


I have no knowledge of the use of Lugols for iodine deficiency. So, I can't help with that. All test results for iodine deficiency are based on the use of tincture of iodine.

But, I have a theory. First your friend tested on her arm, second test on her arm, and then on her leg. Did she, by chance freshly shave her leg?

People developing rashes may be extremely toxic with halogens. I know when I first started taking Iodoral Iodine, I broke out with huge pimples on my head. I have a mouth of silver dental fillings and these toxin would naturally occur in my head. Thus, the pimple detox symptom.

Find some tincture of indine and try the test again. Then, let me know what happens. In order to get a correct analysis, you need to use the corret test items.

Good luck.

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